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Marco Personal Training


At Marco Personal Training in Hilversum, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with exclusive personal training and health coaching.

We work largely from our training studio situated in the beautifully wooded residential area surrounding the villas of Trompenberg, Hilversum. Our training sessions are by appointment only so that your personal trainer can be ready and waiting to lead you through a lively and varied training session with targeted advice. And as it’s your training, you get to choose the music.

It’s not a gym, and there are no subscription fees, but you’ll find all the top-notch facilities you’d expect.

Would you rather train from your home or office? That’s certainly an option. We work with the best independent lifestyle coaches and personal trainers in the Netherlands.

We’ll start with a comprehensive intake discussion to set your goals. Taking into account your age and condition, we’ll put together a personalised program that delivers the desired results as fast as possible. All while maintaining the best balance between training, rest and nutrition. Your professional coach/trainer will guide you all the way from A to Z, keeping you motivated by always focusing on your needs.




Personal Trainer Marco Spaan

Your Personal Trainer

Marco Spaan

Marco Spaan’s hobby grew into the company, Marco Personal Training. His education, passion and experience in the sporting industry combine to make him a professional, and top-level, personal trainer. Over the last 15 years, he has trained/coached many prestigious clients in the business sector.

Personal Trainer Stefan Overmars

Your Personal Trainer

Stefan Overmars

Stefan Overmars is personal trainer, physiotherapist, strength/combat sport trainer and triathlete. He holds a Bachelor of Health Science and is a KNKF certified fitness trainer. He specialises in strength/muscle endurance training, outdoor training, swimming training and training to improve physical complaints.

Personal Trainer Mark Dakriet

Your Personal Trainer

Mark Dakriet

Mark Dakriet is a top motivational and inspirational personal trainer, who is at home across the full fitness spectrum. In addition to his work as a personal trainer, Mark is one of the lead singers of the Dutch R&B band Re-play. He’s been singing with a lot of passion and pleasure from an early age.

Personal Trainer Rob Nagtegaal

Your Personal Trainer

Rob Nagtegaal

Rob Nagtegaal has made his passion his work. He is a personal trainer with more than 5,000 hours of experience under his belt. Rob started working as a trainer in 2002, after he completed the CIOS training in Overveen.

Marco Personal Training
Marco Personal Training
Marco Personal Training
Marco Personal Training
Marco Personal Training


Our personal training and coaching studio is located on the grounds of the world famous recording studio, Wisseloord Studios. This is situated in the beautifully wooded residential area surrounding the villas of Trompenberg, Hilversum. It borders on the nature reserve “Spanderswoud” and the well-known tennis park “Het Melkhuisje”.

Because of the superb location surrounded by nature, our studio is ideal for training both indoors and out.  

Our light and spacious studio is stylishly equipped with the finest fitness equipment: brands that meet the latest trends and developments in fitness and health. It’s a wonderful place for us to work and for you to train.

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Mozartlaan 25
1217 CM Hilversum
06 - 24 77 03 37

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